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Recent chat about what thermos to use for hunting

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There has been some recent posts about the best thermos to use for hunting. This year, I took out a thermos for the first day of rifle season because if was so cold. I typically dont like to carry the extra weight. The thermos was a Stanley Classic that was given to me about 8 years ago as a gift. Well, this year, I had it out for the second time and My coffee was cold by 9AM...and I mean completely cold.

The next day I sent an email to Stanley telling them about my thermos. Filled out their form for faulty products and within a week I had a brand new thermos, no questions asked. Yes, this is a Stanley thermos plug but in this day and age, you dont always see customer service like that so I thought I'd pass my experience along. I will never use another thermos as a result!

Merry Christmas and good luck second season to all those brave enough to face the cold! And dont forget to take your Stanley thermos! :D

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Bodhi why not post this on the original thread, rather than start a new one.....
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