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Hello all, I figured I'd come to the knowledgeable masses on this forum with a question. I've been fortunate to harvest a several coyotes over the years. Today, I was re-arrainging several of my euro mounts and some tubed coyote pelts. Just the typical dusting, cleaning, and adding one more euro from this year. I was dusting my coyote pelts and wondered if they could be Re soaked in water and restreched. It seems like another lifetime ago, but back in my college days I trapped after deer season just to keep the fire burning (if you catch my drift). I was able, but only learning the hard way, to trap a couple nice coyotes. One in particular IMO is the most prime and best condition coyote I have gotten to date. Now back in those awesome days you could imagine chedder ($$$) was scarce. So I improvised and used a 2x6 instead of a proper wooden or wire stecher. Now I have the right tools. I tanned all the pelts myself with Krowtann 2000. So, could I re-soak a couple of my hides and put them back on the strecher so they dry more asesthetically pleasing? Or is it not worth damaging it?

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Being tanned, I'm not sure.

If they were dried but not tanned I know you can rehydrate and dry again.

Have you tried working the leather? That'd probably help some.

Heck, I've sent stuff to the tannery without stretching at all. Actually all the stuff I had tanned was never on a stretcher. All are shaped just fine.

I'd look into breaking the leather and try that if it bothered me enough to mess with. I'd guess that is more of the issue than the stretcher that was used. If you break the leather is should be soft and pliable like a leather coat and hang naturally. That's why I send mine to the tannery..I get back soft pelts and don't have to do the labor.

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I cant say if its good for it or not (depending on your tan) but I know a small amount of water misted on the leather side will loosen it all up and let you stretch it the way you want to present it. For a wall hanger, Id bet you'll be fine.

When I tack out any fur to cut for sewing I mist it and it forms great. Most of mine is tanned at a major tannery. With the amount of water your adding I wouldn't worry about washing out the tan. If you want you can also go another step and re oil it, break it, and then stretch/form.... but I'm betting you don't need to.

Some tans you can wash after, just have to re oil. All depends.

Hope this helps.
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