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re-streching a hide

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Hello all, I figured I'd come to the knowledgeable masses on this forum with a question. I've been fortunate to harvest a several coyotes over the years. Today, I was re-arrainging several of my euro mounts and some tubed coyote pelts. Just the typical dusting, cleaning, and adding one more euro from this year. I was dusting my coyote pelts and wondered if they could be Re soaked in water and restreched. It seems like another lifetime ago, but back in my college days I trapped after deer season just to keep the fire burning (if you catch my drift). I was able, but only learning the hard way, to trap a couple nice coyotes. One in particular IMO is the most prime and best condition coyote I have gotten to date. Now back in those awesome days you could imagine chedder ($$$) was scarce. So I improvised and used a 2x6 instead of a proper wooden or wire stecher. Now I have the right tools. I tanned all the pelts myself with Krowtann 2000. So, could I re-soak a couple of my hides and put them back on the strecher so they dry more asesthetically pleasing? Or is it not worth damaging it?
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