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I am writing this post after reading the recent post on the dog being hit on a road. Several of the replies should have reinforced the need for sportsmen to be unified in protecting our sport of hunting, It does not matter if we hunt big game, hunt with dogs, trap or call. There is strong opposition that we cannot afford to ignore. We have lost our deer to insurance companies, Trappers are constantly being targeted , land is being posted at unbelievable rate, sporting dogs are being targeted by groups that know nothing of the work, time and expense and care we take of our loved pets and hunting companions. If hunting pa web site is a place we find negative posts regarding someone who appeared to be hunting in a professional manner and taking every effort possible to protect his dogs, ( Accidents do happen no matter how much we try to take care, Pet owners have pets that get hurt, good parents have children that get hurt, etc. ) If we are not unified in protecting our sport, we can not expect future generations to enjoy what we have
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