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Ravens fans in PA??

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If so then you will like the video of party at M&T Bank stadium....GO RAVENS!

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I watched it on TV until I got tired of hearing Lewis, then I turned it off..
I,m a fan of any team that beats the Steelers.Especially a rival team.Go Pirates.
Soon as the Lewis love started, I quit on the video. Took about 35 seconds.
Thank you ratbirds for keeping us at

Congrats on the trophy!
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I hate the ravens...I hate FLACCO... I hate Ray Lewis!
Blaze tell us how you really feel...none of this holding back stuff...
Thats what makes a good 4 year old daughter only knows the crapsburgh steelers....;)
I think they are all in jail...where Ray Lewis should be! Just sour grapes...congrats on your win.
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