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Rat prices?

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Someone told me a guy got $24.00 per rat?

I think he was full of crap, either that or his rats were 10xxl's.

What are rats going for anyone really know?
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From what I understand, there was a sale in Michigan where rats were going in the 16-20 dollar range. There were a good number of rats sold at these prices.

I also saw someone said male mink were going for 30-40 dollars.
I saw that as well on another site. Muskrat top lot went for $20.00 but average was around $14 to $16 each at that sale in Michigan. Male mink top lot was $40.00 and female mink was $30.00. It did not mention any coon or fox.
I am interested to see the averages from this sale...
from what i understand Rat's are going anywhere between 5to 15 dollars
had a friend who sold 18 put up rats and averaged 8.00 and sold one male mink put up for 22
Here in Iowa I sold 14 Rats green 3- $12.00 & the rest for $9.00 ea. Highest price in a long time.
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