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Rat and mink season

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Why does out rat and mink season close just when the trapping gets good. MD DE NJ all stay open till march.
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good question , i ask that at the state rondy every year . we beaver guys start setting the water and out goes everything else that gets in our traps . would be like saying you could trap yotes but have to leave the fox and coon go . no sense at all
I've been asking about this for years. Does anyone ever bug the heck out of the PGC about it? How about the PTA? Between this and no otter season yet, PGC looks as stupid as MD does for not allowing nonresidents in to trap beaver and otter. Why don't the trapper associations in both states do something for each issue? I don't even associate with MFT, they didn't want to try my ideas and thought I was crazy or something, and snubbed me. Some individuals were down right rude to me. Their loss. I've tried bugging some DNR people about the bvr/otter thing but apparently they are too pansy about animal activists- to change the reg they need to intro a bill and it " might draw the attention of the animal activists".

And yes, I have caught muskrats and mink when beaver trapping, thankfully I have done almost all of my beaver trapping in MD where I can keep such catches. I even caught a female mink once in a 330.
They should just bump rat and mink season back and open everything at once, rats, mink, and beavers after Christmas, would save alot of rats.
well just send your comments to pgc comments and the BOC will see how many folks are for making rat and mink season longer.

as for otters give them another year,it's being worked on.
The way I look at it PA is smart. They end the rat/mink season right before the breeding season starts. I realize beaver trappers may take a few but then again how many coon trappers take mink and muskrats before the mink/muskrat season starts. I would bet they take more than the beaver trappers.
casey said:
well just send your comments to pgc comments and the BOC will see how many folks are for making rat and mink season longer.

I wrote the PGC 2 years in a row about this, and got the same answer both times( we will bring it up at the next meeting). Than I wrote back wanting a answer on why it ends so early and I never got a response.
The same with fisher and bobcat areas being managed by deer management zones. I talked to Matt Lovello-Fur Biologist for the PGC and he kind of chuckled and said that it was easier that way. We have fishers crawling all over ALL of Warren Co. not just the 2F side of it. They need to include ALL of Warren county.
The mink i caught were not prime until almost 2 weeks into like to see it start later and end later.
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