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I had a Busnell some years ago, and then a Nikon. The Busnell had a baclight inside, so when I lazed something I could see the range immediately afterwards even in low light in the evening. But it wasn't as accurate as the Nikons, and was more likely to get blocked by vegitation even if it wasn't directly in the path of the lazer. The nikon was extremely accurate all the way out to 400+ yards, but I had to point it up at the sky in the evening to see what the range I just got was, because it had no backlight. Other than that, I would take a Nikon anyway.
I use a Lazer at 3D shoots. I guess the range, then laze it to confirm. If I am off more than 2 yards, then I try to figure out what it was about the setup that fooled me. It made me extremely good at range estimation in any conditions.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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