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Range finders are a great tool especially if you do not spend a lot of time shooting at unknown range then check to confirm you estimate.

When I first started shooting archery I walked 2 miles to work every day and I picked out a distance made my guess then stepped it off to see how close my guess was to being right. I changed the objects every trip. I did this for a couple of years in addition to shooting at unknown ranges. Back then in the 70's compound bows were not as fast, arrows and broad heads heavier and 3 D was just emerging. Now that I am older and shoot less poundage with aluminum arrows range is still critical to me.

To address your questions. I feel for PA archery hunting from the ground or tree stand a range finder is well worth the $$ and can be a diffident asset in making a good shot when it counts. However I do not believe the range compensator is needed for typical PA hunting. I do not feel there is that much difference in the POI at reasonable archery hunting ranges and angles.

Like stated above I also range the distance to fixed objects such as trees and stumps when I first get into a stand (after estimating the distance) and keep that information in my mind as the game approaches. I range the distance within my shooting lanes and wait/hope the deer will proceed to an area of know range an in the open for a high percentage shot.

I seldom hunt fields but if I did and I was concerned about the range I would probably step or measure off the ranges and mark them with a small branch preferably one with leaves.

In addition to ranging and keeping to shooting within my personal distance I also range longer distances than I shoot just in case I might make a shot at a known range and the deer being hit should run to a longer range, stand and give me a second shot. In almost 40 years of archery hunting this has never happen yet. However, I have prepared for this opportunity.

Spend the money for a brand name rangefinder and save by not purchasing the unit with a range compensator. Also save my not paying extra for a camo unit it is not need. Above all else if you hunt from a tree stand practice from a tree stand.
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