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Rainy day Sat. so i spent the am processing some customer products.
Appling cure to the dry deer.

Packed tight for the 6 day soak.

Jerky pcs ready to go int the freezer for 3-4 hours and then slice 1/4" thick and soak in mixture for 3 days.

Sweet pepper and Sweet stix mixed and ready to stuff.

Product in stuffer and ready to go.

2 minutes later and 15lbs ready for the smoker.

Stix hanging and ready for the 5 hour 175-180deg smoke.

Waiting for the fire to build while having a drink.

I will update pics of hanging the jerky and dry deer later this week. Customers picked up the stix and i am sure they are pleased. I love this hobby. Enjoy.

7 lbs of Jerky!

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