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My dad and I went out in the rain this morning. After a couple near misses, I repositioned his blind for him for today. He has two artificial hips and just doesn't get around very good. So I have to call birds into his location for him.

We have been seeing really good numbers of birds so far and I had two longbeards together at 30 yards that he missed last week.
We heard no gobbling at all today, but when the rain let up a bit I started calling. I decided to get on it fairly aggressively for some reason. Within about 20 minutes, we spotted movement to our right. A flock of 9 birds came in. The longbeard, a jake and the rest hens. My dad got his gun up and ready and they continued to come. He fired and dropped it in it's tracks at 11 yards.

I knew it was a decent bird. 10 1/2 inch beard and the spurs were exactly 1 inch long.
Prior to last year, my dad had never gotten a spring turkey. After last year's jake, he now has two spring gobblers straight.
This is also his second year in a row of getting a buck with his bow, a doe, a fall turkey and now the spring bird. His fall turkey was a long beard also.
Very happy for my dad. Thanks for looking.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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