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Hunting with my sons is always a special treat. My youngest has been chomping at the bit to get out ever since the opening day when he called in a bird for his girlfriend, her first ever. Due to work, he was unable to get out at all until this week as he got on second shift.

This morning we slipped into a roost area. As it got to "gobbling time" we heard nothing anywhere. Then a hen started soft tree yelping about 80 yards away and continued on and off for about 10 minutes. After awhile we figured there must not be any gobblers with her so I gave a tree yelp back to her on the slate side of a Rick Harro deadly double and a gobbler sounded off between us and the hen. He was close. Saw him pitch down over a roll in the sidehill, gave him a soft yelp and he hammered back close. Then we heard the hen fly down. Sat there for 45 minutes and that was the last we heard from them. We decided to back out and not take the chance on boogering them.

Drove back to some public land and spotted one lone longbeard heading up a field that would put him in a spot I knew pretty well. Went down the road to a property I have access to to get on the GLs and made the 20 minute hoof to get close to the area we saw him. Cut and yelped on my mouthcall...nothing. Then I cut and yelped on the aluminum side of my Deadly Double...GOOOBBBLLLE, right down over a roll in the land. We set up quick, my son where he had a good view and me about 25 yards behind. Purr, cluck, purr, cluck....GOOOBBBLLLE. He was close and I figured my son could probably see him. Then I see him, his big white head sticking straight up, then dropping into strut, spitting and drumming and walking directly towards Kyle's gun barrel. Purr, cluck, up goes the head...BOOM, a face full off Winchester Supreme #5s.

19 lbs., 8 1/2" beard, 7/8" spurs.

Truly a Blessed time in the woods with my son making memories
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