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Rail Lube & Bow String Wax?

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How many shots do you take before re applying rail lube and re waxing your string?
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Wax couple times a year. Lube the rail every 50 shots or so.
dpms thanks for the info!
BTW, I never wax the center serving. Attracts gunk which get in the trigger assembly.
I wax and clean the string every time I shoot. I never use rail lube, but if I were to use any it would be Jig-A-Loo.
arrowhead said:
I never use rail lube, but if I were to use any it would be Jig-A-Loo.
Maybe you've elaborated on this in the past, and I missed it. (If so, I'm sorry about asking for a repeat.) Are you doing something else to protect the serving, do you not find the rail lube effective, or is there some other reason for not using rail lube? Thanks.
Rail lube will drag dirt into your trigger/string latch area and cause a condition where you won't be able to cock your bow. The trigger will have to be serviced to get it to cock again. It is a factory service item and will have to go back to the factory.

On a side note, I had a customer bring in a PSE Copperhead last fall. The barrel looked like it had been sanded with 80 grit sandpaper. I had shot over 1000 shots through a copperhead and mine looked like new. He used rail lube and I didn't. The rail lube actually caused it to wear faster.
Although I do lube the rail on my bows I should clarify how I apply it.

I wipe it on with my finger then take a cotton cloth and polish most of it off just so that is has a sheen or looks shiny. Too much lube will jamb up the latch area.
Thanks for the answer; makes sense. So you use nothing, correct? Do you do anything else to make the serving last? Think I saw mention on another board of wrapping it with gut (forget if that was the exact term used, but something like that).
I use Halo serving and lately I've been experminting with Angel Majesty serving. Both of these servings will last much longer than most of the factory servings. A few manufacturers have switched to Halo and some are using Angel Majesty.
The quality of your serving has much to do with how long it lasts. I got 25 shots from my factory servings on one of my high end bows, switched to Angel Majesty and it now has over 100 shots and isn't showing any wear. I didn't use rail lube on either serving. The bow has a camo string deck and it doesn't show any signs of wear. I'm sorry, but I don't have any idea what gut is.
I'm sorry, but I don't have any idea what gut is.
LoL, I don't either; I probably don't have it quite right.

Thanks for the explanation though. I probably have 60 shots through the bushwacker so far, and the serving shows some wear, but I don't think it's too bad yet. At least now I know what to look for/ask for when it's time to re-serve.
gut is surgical material used for sutures.
i never wax the rail, just the string....the rail will get a wax build up from the string....i keep the rail as clean as possible so it does collect any grit in the wax

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