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Can anyone here tell me what the rules are for promoting raffles on HPA? My friend and I started the Keystone chapter of the National Mule Deer Foundation and we would like to promote our raffle to win a 5 day mule deer hunt in Montana. I send an e-mail to the admin but never received a response. Any help would be appreciated.
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Does your Chapter have a Pa. Small Games of Chance License?
Sethwood - we do not; however, I checked with my local municipality and they told me that we don't need any special license unless we are selling door to door.

Casey - I sent it to [email protected] I will try operations. Thanks.
Skippy912, the county is the one that oversees the Small Games of Chance licenses.
Maverick is right. Don't sell a ticket for your organization unless you have a SGOC license. Now, perhaps your covered under a parent organization if your a "sub" organization. don't want to sell without the license. All your buddies will call you "Al." As in Al Capone!!!
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