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Radish or Turnips?

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Any thoughts on what is better for deer? Radish's or Turnips.
Which will the deer did through the snow to find?
My neighbor and i both planted radishes. His turned out to look like the ones in the grocery store, and mine are long thinner type. I think mine were marked as a tillage radish.
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there are a TON of different types, the game I found is experimenting with them and plant a bunch of different ones and see what one's they hit first or harder
turnips, radishes, brassicia's, Rape , are all in the same family more or less! ton's of differet types of bulbs or NOT can be had!
some deer like some better than others, some won't eat them till a frost hit them a few times, some will eat them as fast as they grow
and some will NOT touch them till there rotting away almost
been planting them for about 17 yrs now for deer
what works at my hunting camp in NC PA< and doesn't draw them very well at my farm in NE Pa
different deer like different things
variety is MY suggestion
seeds are rather cheap if you DON"T buy the DEER labeled one's and just buy at a Agway or like farm store by the LB
its all again trial and error in your area to find the right one's
and ALSO< what they like THIS yr, doesn't always mean they will want it next yr LOL
again why I like to mix them! and offer a few types at once!
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I have had good luck with purple top turnips, and forage Rape seeds
have a camp right on the border of Sullivan and Bradford CO, and some yrs they hammer them, some yrs they rot till spring time and get disc'd under!
been hit and miss for me there!
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