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Any one interested on January 30th rain or shine the Elizabethtown Beagle Club will be hosting a rabbit hunt.
Supper included, sides and desserts are potluck! supper from 4:00pm till? for directions PM me

must preregister by calling Tim Bishop @ 717-376-5002 or Jeff Munster @ 717-666-8008
or a preregistration form(if you want one PM me I'll email it to you)

15%- heaviest rabbit 1 per team
5%- second heaviest rabbit 1 per team
next 4 heaviest rabbits- prizes
15%- overall weight- 3 per team
5%- second overall weight- 3 per team

5%- heaviest youth hunter 12-16
5%- 2nd heaviest rabbit youth 12-16
youth must preregistered and present to win

Teams of 3 hunters, $30 per team
cottontails only
4 rabbits per team to be entered in weigh off
all rabbits must be field dressed
weigh in @ 6:00pm MUST be on grounds at 6:00pm
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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