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Quilting in the off season

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Made a baby quilt for a friend. Thought I'd share the photos.

You start out with pieces of fabric 1" x 1" and they slowly get bigger.

Starting to see what its going to look like now!!

Put the back on

Do some quilting

the finished product

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Wow, sweet quilt! My great-grandmother made me a quilt and I love it! My grandmother crocheted(spelling?) and I have some nice afghans. You definitely got some talent, keep up the great work.
LOL. This was the first quilt I ever did on a machine. All of my others are hand sewn, all the way.

Was at a Menonite store yesterday getting fabric for another quilt, and I told the ladies I was going to likely go back to hand quilting.

They looked at me and said "Why? Even the Amish machine their quilts. None of us have the time"

I told them they were bad influences and they laughed like heck.

Most likely, I'll machine the pieces and hand quilt the top like I did this one. I'm doing a very similar design for myself this time, but in different colors.

Then I have 2 others I want to do that look impossible! The pieces are so small, angular, and there are so many of them!!
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GTF,don't know if you like to read or not i do and i just finished a book and quilts are a big part of theplot. the book is in paper back its name is invisible prey by john sandford. if you like quilting and to read this is a good book....later
wow that is impressive. I don't have the patience to handle that.
Hang around HPA a little more often and you'll get all the patience you can handle, lol. But thank you for the compliment. My quilts are made with love.
1oldman said:
And she's not even Amish !!
She could be! English folk from the city pay a lot of money for high quality handmade Amish quilts. She has to put on that black dress and bonnet, and let them take her picture while she takes their money.

Just kidding Kathy, I'm sure that quilt will become a family heirloom. Most excellent.
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I was gifted with 3 queen sized, hand sewn quilts for Christmas this year and the love and time put into them is just amazing.

I do not have the patience for this but you have done a beautiful job.
Lots of love wrapped up in that quilt!
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Beautiful quilt you have going there. Wish I possesed the skill to do that. My grandmother made me a quilt, Which has never been used for fear of something happenig to it. Not sure I even have the patience to do that. But Good Job to you.
I love quilts (male species here ), mother in law quilted.Hand stitched by the way. We have the the prettiest art(quilts) hanging around the house.My wife buys "cutters" and uses them for other projects.Quilts to me are truly an country art form.
I've done several by hand- from start to fiinish.

Making one for me now, and should have the top done today, except for maybe the edges- back hurts like heck and I'm about done in, lol.

I'll post pictures early next week of the top. All of the quilting is by hand, but the pieces were machined.
I went over to my daughter's home saturday and got to see the quilt in person that GalThatFishes pictured in the beginning of this thread. It was made for my new Grandaughter.
I can certainly say that the pictures here dont do it justice, and as I said before, it will surely become a family heirloom.
Nice quilt! Log cabin blocks in an intersting pattern. My wife quilts... and quilts... and quilts. Most all by hand. It takes a fascinating amount of patience, perserverance and artistic vision, I'm always in awe.
Nice looking quilt, you and Mrs. Moss would get along great, she does quilts, she's working on one now for a friend of ours.
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