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This one was as short and sweet as it gets! And sorry it's from last week , just didn't have a chance to post anything.
Got some intel from the landowner from the day before that there were birds roosted in a familiar spot. Its about a 100yd deep sidehill with a flat 30-40yd wide bench at the top. Nice cut corn fields below. In our experience hunting this spot as obvious as it would seem that the birds should come down to those fields after a rain they never seem to do and they hang up high and walk away.
After hearing they were back in the same spot I knew almost to the tree where they should be. Sure enough after slipping in ABOVE them this time as first light greeted the woods 2 longbeards sounded off exactly below me in side by side trees at about 60yds.
It never works........
But this time it did. A couple tree calls from a buddy behind me and some thunderous gobbles and they plopped out of the trees onto the sidehill. One more duet on the ground with that rattle you can feel and as they topped the rise they were locked onto the single hen decoy I had on the bench in front of me ....
From tree to flop was about 1 minute LOL

I've been trying to take one with my 20ga flintlock fowler but as I don't have to tell anyone, last week's weather was a bit of a challenge for a flintlock!
I was toting my WIFE's little mossberg 20ga bantam to brave the weather. First time I ever took it out myself....

Some nice symmetry to the hunt, I later found HER hull from a gobbler she shot 3 years ago! I looked for it that morning and couldn't find it as it must have bounced under a leaf. It was silly but nice to bring it home finally.

Good bird, some cool color in the center tail feathers. Really good 2yr old MAYBE a 3yr old. This one isn't real obvious either way...... leeeeaaaning toward 3 but no way to know.
9.5" full even beard and 1" and some on the spurs.

Still at it for tag #2 with the flintlock only....maybe tomorrow!

Love the digital scale! Its been fun guessing since I purchased this one to see how close we are. I was under by a lb on my guess!


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Congratulations Matt! I had a gobbler fly off the roost and land 15 yards in front of me several years ago. He took 2 steps and it was lights out. 30 seconds max. LOL
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