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Not being smart - but go to DEP and ask. If an answer is not forthcoming, do a right to know request. You can also get inspection reports for this very facility with a RTK request.

Frankly, looks like an evaporation pit. Surrounded by black, it will do the job even in the winter months. Reduce the fluid to slug and deal with that has to be easier than treating the entire swill. Water is water - it evaporates and lets everything else.

If there were anything evaporating beyond limits - DEP would be shutting down the place or they would be showing up in air sampling.

From the photos you posted, and a simple search, this pit and your question are all related to the well water post you made the other day. At least, the majority of sites coming up on Google all point to the same location with the same issue.

If you feel that DEP is in cahoots with, in collusion, not doing the job, or hiding stuff - use the state investigative offices and FILE charges. Free, and they have prosecution powers.

Sorry, but I just don't go for or support the conspiracy driven issue groups. The anti drilling groups need to get the science together on this and make a case. That case needs to address and overwhelm the science, measures, and methodology of the drillers, producers, and monitoring.

So far we have shrill voices mostly in the dark on the industry fanning a ember of supposed injustice and wrong doing.

My opinion. You might not like it, but my opinion is what it is.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts