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I am trying to convince my girlfriend to start hunting, I really think she would enjoy herself. She has expressed over and over again that she "couldn't kill" anything. I have explained to her how much enjoyment she would get from just being out there and seeing nature. She is very insistant that she doesn't want to do it. Now I will say I have convinced her to learn to shoot so that is a step in the right direction. My question is this, for the women who weren't born hunters, how were you convinced to take ot the woods? Thank you!

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I'm not a lady, but I'll tell you how I got my lady into the woods.
It started off with fishing season, She likes to fish. Easy enough. One day I asked her if she wanted to go fishing early the next morning, She said sure.

I informed her I was going to do some turkey scouting at day break first, She agreed to go. She thought it was neat to hear the turkeys, I got her to go sit in the field with me that year, and when the turkeys got close she thought it was as I quote "Totally Awesome". I didnt shoot any on that outting, just for the fact.

But she started buggin me to let her go out hunting with me again.

That fall she got her own hunting license and was hooked ever since. She don't hunt everything I do, But she likes to bow hunt and spring turkey hunt.

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I like guns and the outdoors so my husband throwing out the idea of hunting was an easy pitch! LOL

But, I'm also a photography buff (by hobby), maybe ask her to go out spotting with you and take a quiet camera?
She can also "call" and rattle for you?
Just sitting in the woods in a tree stand in the quiet where you can hear everything around you is so relaxing; she might not go "shoot" anything just yet, but she can help you out.

The hopeful side of things:
she just might get Buck Fever when she sees you attempt one--she'll probably have just as much adrenalin rushing as you and THEN she may get the bug as well?

Good luck to her!
Sign her up here!

OH! Almost forgot!!!
About the "calling" and "spotting"...
its going to be very important that you ASK her and ADMIT to "needing her help". She'll feel like she's doing you a favor at first more than feeling like your "harassing her again about hunting".

(if she says "no", just let it go, dude. Let it go! LOL)
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