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quick question...I have a doe tag...Can I LEGALLY shoot a buck and a doe in the SAME DAY and fill both my tags? Im not clear on the law in this circumstance...thanks

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Woodywoodduck said:
just make sure that if you are NOT in the Special Regulations areas, you Tag the first deer before shooting another 1!
pa_hunter1 said:
the only restriction is that the first dead deer has to be tagged BEFORE pulling the trigger on the next one...

I'll get hammered for this, I know... but, sometimes you can't stress some things enough....
reread both quotes...

All you have to do is look in your Digest on page 31.

Tagging —Transporting—Reporting
Tagging Big Game
Hunters (including Mentored Youth Hunters who harvest an
antlered deer or a spring turkey) who harvest a deer, bear, elk
or turkey must follow instructions printed on tags supplied
with licenses. Big game must be tagged immediately after harvest
and before carcass is moved. Tag must be attached to the
ear of a deer
or bear, or the body of an elk and remain attached
until the animal is processed for consumption or prepared for
mounting. When multiple harvests of deer per day are authorized,
only one deer at a time may be taken. Before attempting
to take an additional deer, the first deer shall be lawfully tagged

(this no longer applies in the Special Regulations Areas
only). Turkey tags must be attached to the bird’s leg.
Tagging requirements for persons authorized to hunt without
a license are identical, except that a handmade tag must be
used listing the hunter’s name, address, game harvested and
date, time, WMU, county and township where it was taken.
Once you have used your tag it is unlawful to possess it in
the field. Also, remember to remove your old hunting license
from the holder before you place your current license in. If
you keep your old licenses with you while hunting you may
accidentally use a tag from a previous year to tag your deer,
bear or turkey and unknowingly violate the law.

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jun1or said:
yes you can. you can fill every tag you have in one day of you want to. no restriction as long as you have the tags. I've filled 3 in one day before.
This is true but i believe you must first remove your deer from the woods before you can shoot the next one

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This is true but i believe you must first remove your deer from the woods before you can shoot the next one[/QUOTE]


Read what ConCrnd_Sprtsmn posted!

There is nothing in the law any longer that you have to remove the deer from the place of hunt!

ALL You have to do is make sure you Tag a deer BEFORE shooting another...

You can let the first lay right where it fell and go back to your stand and wait for another to come along...

Just a word of advice...make sure you gut the deer if your gonna let them lay and not take them out!
Makes them taste a little bit better then if they laid all day with the guts in them!

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bsneaky said:
This is true but i believe you must first remove your deer from the woods before you can shoot the next one
Like the others have said, that is no longer the law, but it's a good idea anyway if you're hunting alone. I've had the "pleasure" of dragging two deer at the same time; 30yds at a clip then back for the other one. I DON'T recommend it.

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the others got it cleared up....ive done it a couple times...buck and a doe and 2 does..think thats the only doubles...

if i doe hunt behind the house this rifle season, i'll be lookin for a twofer...being in a special reg area, if the first one takes a dirt nap, i'll take me a 2nd..if theres any question of the hit, i wont take more than 1 till the first is recovered though...thats just one thing to think about when shooting multiple deer in SRAs..multiple blood trails can be a mess...

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Bob Jamison said:
Plus they are a bear to gut once they start rigor mortis!
Yes they are! I shot a doe at 7:30 yesterday morning....realized I forgot my knife on the coffee table. Waited until my dad woke up(doesn't hunt anymore) and had him drive my knife to my truck. Didn't gut that deer until 10am....P.I.T.A.! stiff legs and just a chore. She was tagged at 7:32 though so I was good to keep hunting.
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