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The fellow next door to me ask if i wanted to go shoot inlines,so i went. I took one of mine that needed shot in.
After 2 or three shots,i would run a damp patch down my barrel.I use a sabot bullet and it would get a little tight. I use 2f black powder.This would change my POI,a little,but 75 or 80 yards,not much?
He uses 777 pellets and power belts. After about 7 shots his POI had moved 5 or more inches all over the target!
I ask him if he didn't think he should wipe the barrel out a little? He replies "I don't have to,i'm using 777 powder."
I got him to leave me swab it and he shot and it was on center but 4 inches high. He was more desturbed over it being high then when it was dancing all over the paper! His next shot was very close to center about 2 inches high! We quit and called it good.
When we got home he says" I have and older model Pursuit,would you want it? All it does is rust when i took it hunting! I don't want it."
He brought it over! What a mess!!!! It had rust on it,but not real bad but i had an awful time breaking it open!!!!! There was so much primer dirt in the breech it was jammed tight????? I will play with it over the winter?
I thought i would get a new breech plug for it,but,i can't find one???? I don't think they make one or any other parts?
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