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Pup's First Hunting Season

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I haven't posted in a while and figured I would post some pictures from the first season with my DD. She is a little over a year and her training / hunting has been productive so far. We have spent time working chukars, pheasants, rabbits, geese in fields and ducks on water. She made her first goose retrieves on water with no issues but watching her wrestle a 10 to 12 pound goose through the corn stuble at 47 lbs was fun. Looking forward to the rest of the season as it is really just starting. Geese until the end of January, rabbits in February and snow geese until April if the weather cooperates with some planted chukars sprinkled in.

First Pheasant, no shots fired she pointed briefly then picked up and retrieved someone elses still warm cripple

Point then retrieve

Again, point then retrieve

Her first rabbit: I flushed and got a crack at it then put her on the track. I was watching on the garmin as she got out to 175 yds and then started back to me. I was getting ready anticipating the rabbit to pop out when I saw her trotting back with the rabbit in her mouth. I shot at it running up a steep incline and had put 3 bb's in its midsection. I was ecstatic to say the least, picture was taken the next day hence the stiff rabbit.

First goose retrieved in the field and the following hero picture

On point then her first limit of pheasants

Another successful rabbit hunt

Waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve

Cool shot of her chest playing with my christmas present, a new camera

Hard to believe a year ago I was just picking up this fuzzy little creature below. I had no idea what I was in for but it surely has been fun.
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That's awesome! What breed is she?
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