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I have never eaten a beefsteak but I hear they are meaty and very tasty.I would like to hunt shrooms but I have a fear of eating the wrong thing..I had my stomach pumped and ate charcoal
when I was 3 from eating some poison toadstool..

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These are the ones I pick and their nicknames (what we call them):

Hen of the woods (Sheephead)
Meadow mushrooms (Field mushrooms)
Oysters - these are very hard to find nowdays
Honey mushrooms (stumpies) - my least favorite
Aborted entoloma (undeveloped form - shrimp) (fully formed - grays)
Chicken mushrooms (sulfurs) - I don't really care for these. Some people love them though.

Picking most of these mushrooms were passed down from generation to generation. I haven't tried too many new ones.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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