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No kidding! Wow, I never knew that. So now, it's not only Franklin you hate, it is PSU scheduling as well. Wow. So not only does Franklin suck but he needs to win the Big Ten Title, the College football playoff, and he has to play 3 ranked teams in non-conference and they should all be on the road. But I guess you have no issues with Alabama playing Duke, The Citadel, and mighty Alabama Birmingham. Check out LSU's non conference schedule. Dude, you are an idiot. Welcome to the ignore function. Moron
I believe you credited me for some things I never said! I can tell you are pretty stable person! Wouldn’t be at all surprised if you were democrat.
Didn’t say anything about the schedule other then they don’t NEED it (extra home games)

Until he wins and NC game he is nothing . No one cares that he wins 8 -10 games. I checked out how well all those great coordinators are doing in there new jobs ( they are some great jobs too🤪. One just got fired, one went 1-11 or something like that. I might be crediting him with a win he didn’t get. The other has a job at a place where most any good high school coach would have got hired over him if they would have put in for it.
I’m glad I’m on your ignore list! I can’t stand people like you that talk out your —- then get mad about someone disagreeing with you. Then lie about what was said!
41 - 43 of 43 Posts