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PSE Copperhead XBow

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Hi guys. Like 100's of others, I'm looking at getting a crossbow this season, for my father. From what I've gathered from the most recent 10 pages or so, everyone loves Excalibur, then Parker, then 10 Point. I know PSE makes a good compound bow, and I ran across this model XBow that seems comparable.

Money is a huge concern. I would love for him to enjoy the most exciting seasons to hunt deer, but he can't draw a compound, and most Xbows in the 200-300 range just don't seem like they're ok to hunt with.

What do ya think? Probably better to just come up with a few hundred more bucks and get one of the top 3 brands? I will talk to Arrowhead if we go that route.

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Arrowhead was moving alot of the PSE's not too long ago but with Parker coming out with their Bushwacker and Enforcer bows, that has changed.

You can get these for $350 to $450 as a package deal and they both will do all that is asked of them.

But, if the $100 is the deal breaker, I would rather see you dad in the woods with a $260 PSE than sitting on the sidelines watching.
We sold quite a few PSE Copperheads last year. I had no complaint with that bow at all and we can still get them. For a $249 bow they are great. They don't have a rope cocker so they must be drawn by hand. If you have trouble pulling them back there is little that can be done.

The Parker Bsuhwacker is $349 and comes with a rope cocker.
Arrowhead are you saying that you can't use a ropecocker on the PSE or it just doesn't come with one?
If you can't use a ropecocker with it, your Dad may not be able cock the PSE.
You can't use a rope cocker with the PSE Copperhead. Sorry for the confusion.
Thanks guys. I don't think I can make this a "surprise" gift for him, so we're gonna get up to Dunklebergers and shoot a few. If the PSE is difficult to cock, he may very well have trouble with it....not sure, but a very good point. Thanks! I've pretty much already decided to purchase from Arrowhead, just based on everyone's opinion of him...but we'll test drive a few, locally.

check your local Dick's Sporting Goods store for clearance priced crossbows; example...Horton Summit 150 package with peep rear sight, single pin front sight, quiver, and usually 2 or 3 bolts for $199 at the Harrisburg store; these are either last year's leftovers or repaired crossbows (vast majority being a cracked limb from a dry fire or an improperly loaded bolt -- not fully seated against the string when fully cocked; crossbow sent for repair and returned to store); red dot crossbow scope can be added for @ $35; rope cocker for @ $26; etc; if I didn't already have my Parker Terminator I would have jumped on one;

in a related story, I got a leftover 2008 Reflex Growler package missing a rest...basically got it marked down to $280 before adding a Whisker Biscuit for @ $50; it is equivalent to a Hoyt PowerHawk before the Reflex was rebadged and absorbed into the Hoyt lineup...darned good deal
What is it about the PSE copperhead that hinders use of a cable cocking device? Thank you.
I checked and the new model does have the ability to use a rope cocker. They changed the design and it works now. On last years model it was the safety that wouldn't let a rope cocker work.
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