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PSE 275 XB crossbow

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does anybody have a manual or know where I can get a copy thanks
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As much as I would like to help...I've exhausted all of my leads. I just can't come up with one. Is there a particular problem you are having?
Hello thanks for the help.I never used a crossbow before and was just looking for info like arrow size string care and shooting mostly the basics
I will try to help. Is it this one? Notice that there is no barrel channel. The reason I ask, is so that we can get the proper arrows.
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I didn't get the bow yet but the guysaid it didn;t need waxed because the arrow doesn't touch I will send a pic when I get it. It was posted on this site but I can't find it now thanks
OK it's the one pictured. There are no parts available for that bow. You can still get custom made strings and cables for it. The arrows need a special nock that is similar to a nock used on a compound bow only much larger. They are difficult to find, but they are available. It will use a 2219 arrow with the special PSE nocks and you will need to measure from the trigger latch to the arrow rest, to get the proper length. The arrows take four vanes in a 4 fletch 75 degrees x 105 degrees pattern. The arrow rests seem to wear out and there are no replacement parts. Most guys use whatever means available to get a rest on them. I've seen some with whisker type rests on them.

I've shot a few of these. They are a piece of history and fun to shoot. (just don't ruin any arrows, they are $$$) The downside is that they are also very loud.
Thanks for your help after I get the bow I may some arrews for hunting and maybe a new string can you make them?Where about are you located?If I enjoy this sport I will be down thanks again
I can make the string and I'm almost certain that I still have a supplier that has the nocks.

Southern Somerset County, near the Maryland border.
I'm located at:
1438 Springs Rd.
Springs, PA 15562
Hello arrowhead I got the crossbow and it shoots ok could you give me a price on the arrows and broadheads,the hawke scope with mounts and a cocking rope
I should get a reply for you by Monday. Still checking on the nocks.
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