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Project Healing Waters is Outstanding

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Went to a 3 day Project Healing Waters Event at the Famous Kettle Creek in Potter County Pennsylvania this weekend. Wow, What a wonderful event. They paid for all food, Lodging and stocked a 300 yard area of the stream with 1700 rainbow and brown trout. They even had a parade for us in the small town of Renovo Pa. and it brought tears to my eyes. I was fly fishing with vets from Vietnam. Afganistan and Iraq wars. Can't say enough about this organization. Totally blew me away.
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That's really cool to hear. That's something that needs a good post with pics
Absolutely! After all the vets have done for us, it's a great program for them!
Thats awesome, glad to see things like this happen. Hope we continue to only see more and bigger events for our vets.
Good to hear - and I am glad to hear you had a great time..


another site I visit - (will remain unnamed) but a great bunch of guys that have an annual gathering and collect donations and proceeds from fish gear auction. I'm sorry I missed it this year:

couple of posts on that board posted just yesterday:
All of the checks are now in for our GOTC 2016 donation total.
Though the attendance was down slightly, we did well.
Total of $2,100 is being sent to Project Healing Waters today.Thanks, gang. You have again proved that we are "fishers of men" as well as good company on the stream.

I talked with Joe Smith today at a TU outing. He is the head guy of the PHW chapter down in Indy. Told him of our donation and his mouth dropped open. He asked how many people we had there. When I told him only 16 or 18 his mouth dropped open again. I have a calendar of their events in the state and told him I'd really like to help out with one of them. He said he'd be in touch. Great people we have in this crew. Just great.


IMO - PHW is a fantastic org - and, unlike some charitable organizations that made bad news recently - spends the LIONSHARE of $$$ on helping our Vets...


Kudos to you Foxpro.... Tight Lines 2 You!!!
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over 950 browns brookies and rainbows were stocked by the Potter County Anglers Club for this event
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