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I do not know if this will help but I copied it from another site. Good Luck.

Mossberg Model 695 Bolt Action Shotgun 12 gauge, 3" Magnum Chamber, 2 Shot Clip,22 inch Fully Rifled Barrel, 7.5lbs Empty,Synthetic Stock,Adjustable Sights, Manufactured Between 1996-2002. MSR was $310 N.I.B.

Below listed values are based on overall condition with normal use wear and tear considered, and reflected in the values listed. Prices listed are current market value for September 2007

100% Condition $275
98% " $220
95% " $185
90% " $150
80% " $135

ADD $20 for Truglow Fiber Optic Sights
ADD $40 for Woodland Camo Finished Stock (Disc 2001)
Deduct -$40 For Accu-Choke
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2 years ago

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Just saw one in a gunshop last week without a scope and in fair condition and they wanted $199.00 for it. I would say you might be a tad high by 30 bucks or so but I would try 300.00 as a starting point. you can always lower the price a bit if it's not moving.
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