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Last week was a pretty good one. I hunted all day on Halloween at camp in Clinton Co. At 2:20 pm, I took this young hen at 19 yards.

20171031_152136 resize.jpg

Near the end of shooting light, a mature buck cruised through. 38 yards, quartering away. I heard the impact, but wasn't sure of the hit location, so came back and recovered him Wednesday morning. Not an easy track, but found him just before the rain arrived.

20171101_104827 resize.jpg

He is an older deer, based on pics of him over the last five years and the heavy wear on his teeth.

20171101_104910 edit resize.jpg

Friday evening after school, my 13 year old and I hustled to the same tree I had hunted from on Tuesday. 10 minutes after sundown this buck came looking for the source of the grunts he'd heard. Gunner made a heart shot at 20 yards. 17 1/2" inside spread.

20171103_214016 resize (735x1024).jpg
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