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Pressure cooker

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Got a pressure cooker for Xmas no recipes in the manual I liked to know how to can meat with it or just some good ole recipes using it
It will hold probably 4 quarts of stuff its called a 6 quart pressure cooker thanks for any help
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I have not done anything but canning in mine yet. I cold pack with recommended with salt. Then I add other spices while cooking.
my favorite pressure cooker recipe -

1 can of salsa (medium heat pace picante)
2-3 lbs roast
water to "cover"

cut the roast up into chunks (2" square works just fine)and place into a heated pressure cooker
pour salsa in
add enough water to JUST cover most of the meat, always use a half a can...up to a full can
put the lid on the pressure cooker and bring it to a boil and wait for that rocker to start rockin...then take to a low simmer (just enough to keep the rocker moving)

Cook for about a half hour, and then remove from heat. when pressure cooker depressurizes, you are good to go...

we like this served with corn tortillas, or just by itself.
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sounds good I'll try that thanks
I actually just did this tonight, but used the crock pot instead of the pressure cooker. Same recipe, just slower. I also added a couple drips of liquid smoke, a touch of adobo seasoning, a little seasoned tenderizer (NOT needed) and let it cook from noon till 530...the meat is fall apart tender and was just large chunks taken from the rear quarters that would have gone into the grind pile if not left whole. no fat on them at all...and DANG was it good.
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