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Practice time

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<span style="font-weight: bold"> To follow on the heels of Fall Gobblers post....

How much time do you practice calling before spring season ???

How many different calls, do you practice using?? </span>
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I have tagged a gobbler each of the last four seasons and only hunted more than a day one season and i am by no means a turkey expert in any way shape or form. I may practice 10 minutes a year. I used the same old boat paddle box call for louder calling and put it down when they are coming and use the same old Raspy old hen or Young Hen by HS strut when I know I can't move. It just seems to work for me.
great white hunter said:
I mess with them all year Zum!

Not sure how much good it does me, but I try:)
Two days before the season starts
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I have box, slate, and mouth calls that I use. They are laying out in my workshop in the basement. Just about every time I go down there for something I'll pick up and use each one for a few minutes. So probably several times a week now, and I try to do more as the season gets closer. I need more work on the mouth calls than the frictions though.
I run calls every day, box, pot, tube.
I keep a few mouth calls in each of my vechicles. Any time I go somewhere I pop one in.

Boxs and slates maybe once or twice a week from January till the season begins.
Most of the year but much more this time of year, and I'm never quite satisfied.

I "try" to be proficient with anything you can call a turkey with. Lol.
Practice nah that's like sighting in right. I did it once that's all I need.

NOT I have a mouth call in the truck all year round.
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I mainly use mouth calls. I put them in my truck, and practice while I am driving. Wife doesn't like when I practice in the house
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I get out my mouth calls each year soak them in mouth wash. Test them and pick out the 2-3 I like best and I am off.

Spend many hours practicing over the years while I made long drives from job site to job site.
i run them off and on all year round. starting around new years i run a friction about twice a week. i use mouth calls in my truck everywhere i drive. i rarely practice the box call, and that is my worst call. i have been trying to master the tube, but that skill eludes me so far.
I like to run calls all year long, particularly slates. My practicing does intensify in the spring and I run my boxes and mouth calls as well.
Took out my mouth calls, i sound like a dying poult... I just hope its my cold and not calling block! lol
I also call anytime of the year. If the mood strikes me I throw a couple calls in the truck and play with them. But this time of the year I start getting itchy and start playing more. There's four Hook's mouth calls in my truck now. And I just took two other's out of my other car.
I mess around with calls year round but about two months before each season I pick the ones I wan to use during that season and run them often.
I tinker with calls all year. I make a point to drive my other half and kids nuts on a regular basis.
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