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November 13th, 14th, and 15th - Northcentral PPHA hunt

This hunt will be based out of Yesterdays hotel in Renovo,PA.

This hunt starts at 12:01 am on Friday the 13th. It will end on Sunday the 15th at 12:00 noon.

Those that want to draw a name from a hat to pick a hunting partner need to be at the front lobby of Yesterdays hotel at 7o'clock on friday night after supper. Those that do draw are not held to the partner they draw all weekend but if you do not want to participate in this part of the hunt then so be it. It is not required to participate, but they are encouraged to hunt with the person they draw. This is a good oportunity to get out and hunt with fellow members.

The luncheon will be held at Yesterdays restaurant in the 1st floor of the hotel. Lunch starts at noon.

Donation of Door prizes for this hunt are welcome.

Due to time constraints these will be the points for the 09 Northcentral hunt only.

The ppha member that shows to checkin with the most points will be the winner of a Foxpro spitfire game call that was donated by Mike Dillon of Foxpro game calls. Animals must be called.

All participants will recieve a participation patch. To recieve patch you must be at either the luncheon or the checkin.

Points for this hunt
3 points for raccoon
5 points for red and grey fox
10 points for bobcat (Must have a valid pa bobcat tag)
15 points for coyote
There are no lunch points this year at all.
In the event of a tie a coin toss will be used to determine the winner.

checkin location. Travel south on rt 144 from renovo,pa for appx 2 miles. There will be a pavilion on your left. There will be a gravel parking lot on the right. This will be the one and only checkin location. Checkin time is 12:00 noon on sunday. PPHA Membership cards will need to be presented at checkin to verify membership. You must be a member of the PPHA before the hunt starts to participate in this hunt.

This is a indvidual hunt. You may hunt as teams but shooter collects points.

As with all PPHA hunts all PGC game regulations are to be followed.

You can contact Ben Smyser about donations or any questions you may have about this hunt at [email protected]

Yesterday's Restaurant & Hotel Contact info;
100 3rd St, Renovo, PA - (570) 923-2642 website

Thank you.
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