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The P.P.H.A.’s
Member vs. Member
Predator Hunt 2009

Dec 18th, 19th, and 20th
Starts @ 5pm the 18th
Ends @ 10am the 20th

1st Place Prize: Savage Model 200 in Grey Synthetic Stock. Choice of cartridge provided by Bob's Army & Navy
2nd Place Prize: FoxPro SPITFIRE Electronic Game Call
3rd Place Prize: Primos 100yard LED Rechargeable Gun Light

One Check-in Location for each district at 12pm
District Check In Locations are as follows:

District 1 Check In~ Big Ten Sub, Rt 118, Lehman Township
District 2 Check In~Holiday Inn 6170 Morgantown rd Morgantown PA 19543, off PA turnpike exit 298
District 3 Check In~ Clearfield county fair grounds. Clearfield Pa.
District 4 Check In~Gander Mountain in Chambersburgh PA
District 5 Check In~Bonanza 436 Allegheny blvd Franklin Pa 16323-6210
District 6 Check In~ Independent Slovak Citizens Club of Gillespie. 111 Carlson Ln.
Fayette City, PA 15438-1101

Scores to be determined by a Point System per species of fur bearer as follows:
Opossum, Skunk & Weasel: 1pt each
Raccoon: 3pts each
Fox (Grey & Red): 8pts each
Coyote: 20pts each

**all members and chaparoned guests must pre-register at our website forum ( ) to participate. Non-members will pay a $10 entrance fee to be paid prior to the hunt or at the check-in. make checks payable to the PPHA.
**all guests must be chaparoned by a current PPHA adult member at all times of the hunt.
**all members must have membership card on hand to check in a harvested furbearer for their points to count.
**all members have from 12pm till 1pm to check in their harvested furbearer.
**all harvests are to be by calling only; no trapping or running of dogs allowed.
**all harvested furbearers will be inspected.
**all harvested furbearers will remain unskinned until after the official check-in has ended.
**all harvests must be checked in at determined District locations, no web picture posting.
**all Pennsylvania Game Commission Game Codes are to be followed.
**Federal Law prohibits the sale of a firearm to a minor. Any minor taking 1st place will receive the cash value of the rifle to be
used at Bob’s Army & Navy Store in Clearfield, Pa.
**all animals harvested must be taken within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
**any and all ties to be broken by the PA Lotto Daily Number drawing on Monday @ 7pm. Participants must submit a 3 digit number from 001 to 999 on their registration prior to the start of the hunt.
**membership verification can be checked through the PPHA secretary via email. [email protected]

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