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Dropped the hammer on this small 3x3 in norther new mexico 4 days into the hunt. The monster 5x5's we were after didn't allow us to get within 300 yards for 3 seconds before they were high tailing it away from us.

Not what i was originally wanting but i needed the meat as well as a test on how well the 250gr Powerbelt Aerolites worked out.

CVA Optima 50cal
250gr Powerbelt Aerolite
110gr Blackhorn209
cci 209 magnum primer

Shot was Aprox 80 yards and impacted high shoulder ' where i was aiming'

I remembered stories of the past where " it takes longer for a high shoulder shot to start to bleed" and so i tested this as well in the process LOL.

Instant blood trail from the spot he stood.
He had an odd shaped rack on one side so that makes him special to me.

I have a video of us tracking him so heres just an example of what we saw.

Crab claw on one side LOL. Hes cool i think, especially that deformed antler.

Im pretty happy with the outcome. The bullet did fragment badly, but the hole it left is something you can't complain about. I did find a small 30cal hole on the opposite side from a single fragment, as well as a fragment on the stomach liner which i will show later.

I have some video so once i put that together i will add it to the post along with more pictures.

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Will those flat point heavy powerbelts hold together better? Would like to try the 405gr fp powerbelts in my eclipse hunter. Good shooting on the elk.
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