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What I would recommend you do before any more is done by the tree crew is first get a pole number near your location, contact the power companies customer contact center tell them of your concern and that you want to talk to their system forestor and R/W agent and you want their names and direct phone numbers. Set up a meeting with them and have them come out to your site and explain to you what they propose to do and why. Most likely the tree cutter is a contarctor of the power company and all he knows is that he can be there to do his work and has a job to do. I'd also tell the tree cutter not to anymore and to leave your property until he hears otherwise from his supervisor. When you talk to the R/W agent tell him to bring along a copy of the R/W agreement that he has for your property.

Most likely they will try to work with you.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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