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Generally ROW's give right to maintain for the stated purposes. I've found that often they want to take everything and leave just grasses and broadleaves. Across SGL's we often get them to leave the low growing shrubs-crabapples, witch hazel, hazelnut, scrub oaks, viburnums, dogwoods, etc. as a good cover of these keeps the taller growing things from getting a foot hold. They should not be just going thru food plots (there a lot of power line ROWS across ag fields also). some of the power companies are even working to establish food plots on the ROW's on SGL's-cooperating with PGC, NWTF, RGS, etc. Mowing and spraying are generally contracted out. They should not mow thru your food plots-but you have to leave them a way around within the ROW also.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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