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For those of us who use facebook, this is the easy FREE method for posting a picture to this forum.

1. Upload desired photo(s) to facebook.
2. Find the photo and click on it. The photo should appear individually on its own window on the front of the page.
3. ***RIGHT CLICK the image and choose the option "Open image in new tab". The photo should appear by itself in plain format in a new window.
4. Copy the https:// link from the new tab.

5.On the HPA forum find the category you want to post in and click the "NEW TOPIC" link near the top left of the page.
6. On the Posting Form find the row labeled "Post". In the post box you have 15 editing option boxes with icons.
7. Click the forth edit link box from left that looks like a paper with a dog eared corner. A small message window at the top of the page will appear with a space to insert the copied https:// link.
8. Paste the coppied http:// link you got off facebook.The link should now appear in the posting box with
9. Check that the image has been embedded by clicking the "Preview Post" link button at the bottom of the Posting Form. The image should appear. *Make sure you have entered a posting subject and text in the post box or an error message will occur.

I hope this was easy. If you have suggestions for improvment or question feel free to reply.
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