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i just noticed my discussion started list was at 666, not a good number, so i started this :)
i usually sit on the edge of a soy bean field and wait for chucks to emerge. my car wouldnt start the last time out and the farmer gave me a jump. thats when he told me his cornfields on the other property have ground hogs in them to and i needed to go kill them. so i did. this one popped up at over 300, maybe 400 yards.
instead of trying the long shot...i tried something else. i extended the legs on the tripod so i could shoot from a standing position, placed it over my shoulder with the gun and legs breaking my outline and tried a standing, stalking sneak on the hog. i closed to about half the distance, maybe more.

stood the tripod up and stayed behind it, settled into the scope and popped him. its really fun to watch everything thru the scope, especially at 24 power, i shot, heard the bullet hit and watched him crumple up.
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