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steelhead125 said:
Danesdad said:
steelhead125 said:
All I know is that I was raised Catholic and up through high school, I went to mass every Sunday or Saturday. After 18 I sort of strayed away from the church and only went to mass occasionaly.
Let's be honest. Catholic masses are not always the most exciting things to go to. The format never changes and sometimes a infomercial has more entertainment value than a preists homily. I also have never been a fan of having a organ blairing in my ear for 45 minutes.
So when you look at it in this perspective, I think many are just looking for a reason not to go.
I let myself get frustrated with it from time to time but now 20 years later I have a wife who makes church a priority every weekend and a 3 month old who I want to have grow up going to church.
When he is 18 he can decide if he want's to continue, but I think it is good for him to go and create a foundation of spiritiality. Returning to church on a regular basis has also made me feel better too.
I am not judging anyone who does not go to church. It's just a shame that these scandlas have turned so many away.
It's almost like you're abnormal now a days if you attend mass on a regular basis and it's kind of scarry.
I am just hoping that the new Pope can shed a better light on the Catholic church.
Shouldn't the mass make you feel closer to god? Isn't it supposed to be a celebration of the faith? Did those masses make you feel closer to god?
I understand why you feel the way you do but to answer your question, yes it does make me feel closer to God.
I also understand you're atheist too, and that's fine as well.
Who am I to tell you a higher power exists.
It's tough being Catholic right now and believe me, there are times I have my doubts about being one.
All I know is there are radical muslims who think when they go to heaven they will recieve 30 virgins or something like that.
Some people think heaven is being on a golf course or hunting in a tree stand for the rest of eternity.
Maybe for some it's sitting by the pool being served cocktails all day.
For me it's being reunited with all the loved ones I lost through the years and the ones I will lose in the future.
I don't want to go through life thinking that's it when you die, lights out. I need that hope and comfort to keep me going sometimes. Call me soft or a fool, but this is the way I want to live out the rest of my years. Having faith there is something better beyond this world even though I enjoy it very much.
I would rather got o church than not go. Even though it is boring at times, I always get something from it.
Respect. Your ability to get your point across without being militant or judgemental is admirable.
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