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Clearly you have some really good deer out there. Unfortunately we do not have the plethora of mature deer in this state. If you have posted your picture for any other reason than to brag, I suggest you compare apples to apples.How many of those deer are from public land or Pennsylvania?

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Thanks you Rob1114. Buckdemiser...let's compare apples to apples. I spent the first 28 years of my life in PA and then moved to Iowa. You could do the same. Don't kick me cause I kill big bucks...I made the sacrifice to move here and make it happen. What's your excuse?

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This is what you came looking for shootbowtech.

Pope and Yound scorers in PA!!

Graybill, Jr., Carl
Home: 717-867-5243
Annville, PA 11/20/2007

Pascale, Bill
Work: 610-558-3508 Aston, PA 9/19/2003

Bear, Rodney T.
Home: 724-495-7192
Beaver, PA 9/17/2003

Neff, Pete
Home: 724-847-0997
Beaver Falls, PA 10/20/2008

Pyle, Matthew C.
Home: 814-233-7369
Berlin, PA 1/14/2009

Moore, Barry K.
Home: 610-916-4950
Blandon, PA 9/19/2003

Ebbert, Robert W.
Home: 724-628-1995
Connellsville, PA 1/14/2004

Bowers, Glenn L.
Home: 717-432-5786
Dillsburg, PA 11/18/1988

Bowers, Timothy O.
Home: 717-432-9074
Dillsburg, PA 10/8/2004

Block, George H.
Home: 724-229-0916
Eighty Four, PA 11/18/1988

Kennedy, John W.
Home: 724-799-1964
Gibsonia, PA 9/24/2008

Bartholomew, Thomas P.
Home: 724-588-4552
Greenville, PA 5/18/2006

Smith, Eric C.
Home: 215-260-1846
Work: 215-957-0432 Horsham, PA 9/20/2006

Frey, Jeff
Home: 717-789-3632
Work: 717-580-5139 Landisburg, PA 9/18/2003

Scicchitano, Dennis
Home: 570-339-5420
Locust Gap, PA 9/20/2006

Strayer, Richard C.
Home: 717-485-5885
Work: 717-552-8329 McConnellsburg, PA 4/20/2007

Durr, Phillip
Home: 412-331-5584
Work: 412-771-1819 McKees Rocks, PA 9/18/2003

Heidel, Jerry G.
Home: 814-542-2772
Work: 814-542-2545 Mount Union, PA 12/18/2008

Razza, Dennis
Home: 724-694-6222
New Derry, PA 8/3/2007

Walter, Jr., James B.
Home: 412-559-5032
Work: 412-431-8250 Pittsburgh, PA 6/4/2009

Heller, Frank "Rit"
Home: 610-372-2405
Reading, PA 8/9/2001

Homyack, Jr. DMD, Steven
Home: 610-589-5051
Robesonia, PA 9/18/2003

Nordby, William P.
Home: 724-354-3856
Rural Valley, PA 7/28/2005

Worden, Ronald A.
Home: 814-697-7754
Shinglehouse, PA 9/19/2003

Lowe, Ronald G.
Home: 717-786-4191
Strasburg, PA 3/28/2005

Serfass, Jr., Jacob F.
Home: 570-842-2810
Thornhurst, PA 9/19/2003

Heatley, Scott L.
Home: 570-998-9255
Trout Run, PA 8/14/2008

Defibaugh, Ed
Home: 814-354-2275
Venus, PA 9/18/2003

Titus, Mark E.
Home: 215-598-8047
Washington Crossing, PA 7/25/2005

Smail, Timothy C.
Home: 610-269-5004
West Chester, PA 12/15/2005

Slopey, Curt
Home: 610-869-0664
West Grove, PA 9/19/2003

Pasky, David G.
Home: 814-922-3043
West Springfield, PA 9/19/2003

Derugen, Sam M.
Home: 814-349-5726
Woodward, PA 9/18/2003

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The fellow was looking for a list of scorers for P&Y. Answer the question how many were from Pa? Tell me you didn't post the picture to "out do" some one. Great, you moved to Iowa to hunt bigger deer, so what? Compare apples to apples. That's all I said. Usually when some one gets as bent as you are it's because somebody has their #.

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thanks for the info guys. and its ok that he posted the picture, hes killed some great deer, and after all this forum is a hunters success photo gallery right. doesnt matter what state he killed them in, he was successful. doesnt look like there is really any good way to have mine scored. the problem is transporting them all, as most of them have already been mounted, i was hoping for someone maybe closer to home, that i could maybe pay them for their time to come to the house. but anyway, he wanted to see mine, so here they are, a few from Pa and a few from Wisconsin


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Nice bucks. You can score the deer yourself very easily by going to the website I posted earlier and downloading the document on that site. For example, I scored a shed at 80 5/8 and had an official BC Scorer score it and he came up with the exact score that I did. It's not that hard.

Be careful posting pictures of big bucks! Some people get jealous. And...god forbid you post any deer that weren't killed in PA. FYI...two of those bucks were killed in PA and one in Ohio.

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Well, if you didn't go getting all upset and mad all the time when hunters aren't begging to be your hunting friend just because you kill big deer in Iowa maybe we'd all get along better.

Seriously, I'm perplexed as to exactly what you are expecting from this message board?

Yes, you kill big deer.
Yes, you have great scouting camera footage.
Yes, you moved to land where big deer are everywhere and we didn't.
Yes, we are envious, not jealous of the opportunity you afforded yourself.

Ok, we got that out of the way....

Now, can we just carry on with sharing successful hunts, offering tips to others and receiving tips from others, and talking about all things hunting without giving people such a hard time if they don't do things exactly as we do?

Besides, you might be surprised to know, many hunters from this site do not hunt PA exclusively nor do they even hunt just the United States. Lots of experienced hunters here with lots of great information, some just don't post pics of their kills every other post, but they are here.... I know I've learned alot from hunters here.

Carry on....

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Thats what I like to hear peppy. Lets all just get along. BTW these are the same deer as were posted before, that I have taken (not my dumber younger brother). 7 are from Wisconsin, and the others are from Pa. They are all bow kills. Just to get things straight. I scored most all of them when they were just skull plates, but would really like to have the certificates they send you just to have.
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