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Pop-Up Blinds

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I'm in the market for a pop-up blind for gun and bow. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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I bought a Barnett hub blind really cheap on sale last year on clearance at a TSC.
How do you like it?
Some guys in my camp have cheap ones that they paid under $150. and two of them the rods broke because of snow.

If I were to buy one I would get a double bull they have a life time warranty no matter how it breaks.
Thanks Joe. The double bull looks like a nice blind, the warranty is a big plus. I have a hub style eastman, it lasted about five years before two of the rods snapped off their hubs.
I wrapped then with duck tape and they actually held during our last two snow storms. Time for a new one though.
I have a Primos predator den. I've been using it for the past 5 spring turkey seasons. It's not ideal for bow hunting because of the shape of the Windows, but its a well made blind. Check the Primos 360 blinds.
Cap, I see that the predators den has a roof window. Is this a problem when it rains? I know most are water resistant, just wondering if the roof window is more likely to leak.
I just picked up a Primos, Double Bull, Double wide blind on clearance at Dick's for $209.00. including the ten dollar coupon. Thanks all for their input.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts