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PLEASE READ !!!Win a hunt

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PLEASE READ!!!! I have teamed up with Ken Willis of Buck Country Outfitters in Clarkson, Kentucky to help raise money for a memorial fund for the victims in Newtown, Conn. We will be raffling off a all early season bow hunt. Sept 14-19. Tickets will cost $20 dollars and we will sell 100 tickets. 1 in 100 chance at a free hunt!!! and for a good cause. Tickets will be on sale either through me or at Thunder Ridge Outdoors in Benton, Pa. We are hoping to sell all 100 tickets and donate $2000.
Any questions contact me. There are 4 of us already going this week as well.

For information on the hunt visit
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Pm me for any information you would like. thanks merry christmas to all
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Tickets will be at thunder ridge outdoors Next Thursday
I'll be up at my place North of Williamsport all week. Might just have to make a run over there...worth $20 for a 1 in 100 shot
Cool or if your closer to me you can stop up. Maybe take a look at this bow lol
Tickets are on sale now! Get yours today..
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