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I've had several people ask me about planting pine trees.
Here is what I've been doing over the last 30 some years.
It will take a couple years to see the results.
When you do, you probably will be NOT shooting the first buck you see, maybe NOT the first 8 pointer you see either.

Here is how you do it:

Here is a good place to buy some white pine. If you were buying 100 trees, 12"-18",(2-2), $1.20 ea.

If you wanted to mix a few spruce trees in, but NOT too many:

This is the company I've been buying from for a long time.
Space your rows 12-15ft. apart with your pines 12-15ft. apart in the row.
Plant 5-6 rows, no more, then skip 50-60 ft.
Start over again.
Set up your deer stand on the outside edge, so you are looking down the 50 - 60 ft. area, OR, if they are on the edge of a farmed field, then set up there.
DO NOT go walking around in the new pines, starting day one after it's planted.
This is now a sanctuary and a huge attractant to the deer.
Good Luck.
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