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The escaped deer known by its farm tag Pink 23 does not have Chronic Wasting Disease, the state Department of Agriculture confirmed today.

The doe was part of a New Oxford, Adams County, deer farm where the disease was first detected. It escaped its farm in mid-October when officials were removing the herd for testing.

The doe was shot last month on an adjoining deer farm on New Chester Road in New Oxford. Both farms remain quarantined.

Tests are ongoing at the Pennsylvania State Veterinary Laboratory in Harrisburg on a deer that escaped from an unlicensed deer farm in Huntington County. The deer, known as “Purple 4,“ was originally on a farm that was quarantined.

To date, two deer have tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease. As a result, the agriculture department has quarantined 24 farms in 12 counties.

Chronic Wasting Disease attacks the brains of infected antlered animals such as deer, elk and moose, producing small lesions that eventually result in death. Animals can get the disease through direct contact with saliva, feces and urine from an infected animal.

There is no evidence that humans or livestock can get the disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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