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This month has been pretty slow in front of my cameras!! The coyotes have been visiting behind my house, finally pulled the camera from over the carcass and relocated it, also still have a couple bucks that just won't give up their head gear!!

Wildview Extreme 4 (8 years old)
This is the camera that was over the carcass. All I was getting was coons and opossums, so I pulled it and it is now up behind my house where my other Wildview camera was.

Someone is starting to show.

Still holding on to one antler...

I'm fairly sure thats a huge bald spot... question is from what??

Any ideas??

Wildgame Innovations (3 years old)
This camera is in the same spot its been for the last year. There is a stream running behind it, so there's always action at this one!!

Very dark tail on this one!!

Still holding onto his antler too...

As is this one...

Wildview Extreme 5 (6 months old)
This camera was behind my house, it has proven itself reliable and is now in the woods overlooking what we think is a trail frequented by the coyotes. This is the last picture it took before we moved it.

Coyote visiting again.
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