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picking a gun safe?

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There seems to be so many biased reviews that it's daunting on these things. I'm looking hard at the liberty fatboy jr. That's right in my budget and seems to be a decent rsc for the money as far as I can tell. I know it's not a Fort Knox or sturdy safe but it's what I can afford to get my guns out of the corners of my bedroom and my sheet metal stackon cabinet. I don't have any high dollar collector guns just hunting guns and some ar15 stuff. I'm looking for decent fire protection and child safety mostly as I have to many tools laying around to fend off a very determined theif. Even a Sturdy Safe or similar can be gotten into with a grinder and cutoff wheel if you have enough time so my primary concerns are as stated before child safety and fire protection. I might even go the extra mile and put ceramic fiber insulation between closet wall and safe for extra protection. So my question is should I go fatboy jr or something else? Thanks for you guys input.
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Never. I try to never buy anything I can't pick up myself and carry to the truck.
Serious. I move too much.
Trouble with gun safes is in the event of a fire they are pressure cookers and in a flood they are bathtubs.
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