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Thank you they are a hoot to watch. Thanks Zimmer. Getting participation is tough I know so I'm thinking we should try this:
Enter your very best harvested game animal, deer, bear, turkey, upland game, ect. trophy photo. Sorry no fish that could be a separate category of its own later.

Rules are easy.
Harvest must have taken place this year <span style="color: #FF0000"> </span> 2009 in Pa.
Photograph must be tasteful and taken with respect for the bird or animal. Meaning bloody photos of animals hung from a rope in a garage or with their tounges hanging out in the back of a truck are not acceptable.
Contest will begin on Sunday Jan. 3rd and end on Midnight Sunday Jan. 10th.

Good luck all, I know there are some very well done hero shots out there I have seen many posted here. Please keep in mind it's not the size of the rack or length of the beard that counts its the quality of the photo that is being judged. If you think your pic would look good on the cover of a magazine then thats the kind of pic that will win.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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