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My entry, taken October 14th

Shy tufted titmouse

I had fun with this contest, spent two nights trying to blend in by the feeder and it must have worked. Tonight I had a titmouse land on my head! Here are some other pics I took while waiting...

I tried for a while to get a picture of this guy eating, but I ended up with 22 pics very similar to this one which is slightly inappropriate...

...or like this, too blurry from the furious pecking.

Got some interesting blurs too when I was using the burst mode

Some playing peek-a-boo

Then tonight this guy landed above me,

...a brown creeper, I saw several of these yesterday hunting, 4 in one group of birds that moved past the stand in the evening that included golden-crowned kinglets, black-throated blue warblers, blackburnian warbler, blue-gray gnatcatchers and a black and white warbler.

The birds are on the move, now is the time to be outside!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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