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Another organization pulling out.

Also an opportunity to help them out with a raffle ticket for one of those evil (
) AR platform rifles with all accessories!

The Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs (PFSC) has been a part of the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show since its inception. The show was actually the brainchild of the Federation, who started and ran it themselves for several years until it became too large for them to handle. They turned it over to Reed Exhibition in 1955.

We were greatly disappointed and dismayed when we heard the show’s promoters had decided to ban the display/selling of “tactical firearms and accessories” at this year’s show. Upon hearing of this decision, we worked closely with the NRA and industry representatives, who were in discussions with Reed’s upper management. We hoped that through continued discussions, we would be able to convince them to reverse their position.

The PFSC adamantly disagrees with this decision by Reed Exhibition.

It is both unfortunate and courageous that many participants, who had already made major financial commitments to the event, have decided to pull out of the show, and many sportsmen have decided to forego attendance this year to make a statement. We respect and applaud those decisions. We must all stand together for the protection of our 2nd Amendment rights.

Unless Reed reverses their position, PFSC will not have an active presence at the show.

PFSC had planned to sell raffle tickets for a chance to win the hottest-selling firearm on the market today. It comes fully-accessorized! Unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to mention, display or provide a picture of it at the show. If you’d like to purchase a raffle ticket and show your support for our 2nd Amendment Rights, you can download an order form from our web site:

AR Gun Raffle Tickets

Thank you for your continued support of the PFSC! Pennsylvania’s largest and oldest sportsmen's organization working full-time for the promotion and protection of our outdoor heritage, our resources and our 2nd Amendment Rights!
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